• ByLaws

    Bylaws of The Autumn Glen Homeowner's Association. You can download a PDF document of the ByLaws by clicking on the icon below.

  • Sub-wide Garage Sale

    The sub-wide garage sale will always be held the first weekend of June. Each summer, the sub-wide garage sale will be held on the first Friday/Saturday of June from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We are hoping that a consistent weekend will allow for easy planning!

  • Annual Meeting

    Our annual homeowners meeting is held in the fall. Notices will be sent to each homeowner in advance. These meetings usually take place at the Dublin Community Senior Center, 685 Union Lake Road, in White Lake. (Directly across the street from St. Patrick Parish) Time: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

    Annual Meeting Newsletter 2014

  • Deed Restrictions

    As elected board members, one of our jobs is to ensure that residents follow the deed restrictions. Please keep in mind that these are in place to help ensure the aesthetic beauty of the subdivision. When we receive complaints or notice a violation, a letter is mailed reminding residents of the deed restrictions and requesting compliance. Thank you for your understanding. Examples of the deed restrictions: Section P. Landscaping, “All landscaping and lawns shall be well-maintained at all times.” Homeowners are responsible for mowing the grass and keeping weeds under control. III. T. (ii) No house trailers, commercial vehicles or equipment, boat trailers, boats, camping vehicles or camping trailers may be parked on or stored in front or side yard of any Lot, unless stored fully enclosed within an attached garage. G. (ii) No deciduous shade trees or large evergreens may be placed in easements containing storm sewer pipes, sanitary sewer pipes or water mains. Call MISS DIG at 1-800-482-7171 before you dig! Free service!

  • Architectural Improvement Application

    Are you planning to make any changes or improvements to the outside of your home or landscape? If so, you must submit the Architectural Improvement Application (included with this newsletter) to the architectural committee. Examples of improvements that require approval include, but are not limited to: Changing the original trim paint color, replacing shingles or siding, or adding a deck, patio, pool, rock wall, etc. The architectural committee works hard to ensure that changes made and homes built in Autumn Glen are aesthetically similar to our existing homes. Thank you to David Iwick and Brian Wrobel for your help! It is appreciated! Please e-mail the completed form to aghoa10@hotmail.com or send the form to: AGHOA/Architectural Committee P.O. Box 158 Union Lake, MI 48387 Please reference the Declaration of Restrictions for further information or clarification.

  • Garbage & Recycling Information (GFL)


    Recycling Guidelines: http://www.whitelaketwp.com/Portals/1082/Docs/2019/89748 Material guidelines one side for websites.pdf

    Recycling Do’s & Don’ts http://www.whitelaketwp.com/Portals/1082/Docs/2019/The dirty dozen.pdf